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Solutions for High Risk Situations


A New Jersey based design/build manufacturer of high risk products designed specifically according to government contract specifications was having difficulty finding coverage. Several brokers were approached and did not have the expertise to provide a solution. Due to increased project requirements, location needed to be moved to accommodate growth. Liability and property coverages would need to cover the location and operations properly.



  1. Audit all products and revenue sources
    • Properly determined and thus explained the true risk to the insurance marketplace.
  2. Conducted an in depth survey of products
    • Allowing our client to fully understand the exposure inherent.
  3. Evaluate and place coverage
    • Placed coverage in a specialty program of a standard carrier by showing the products produced where only parts of an eventual product that was causing the problem exposure.



  • With clear understanding, multiple carriers where comfortable in providing adequate coverage at a reasonable price.
  • They have now been able to expand their business into other markets.


Our client can rest assured that JGS will always ultimately explain their exposures to the market place.

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