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Employee Health & Advocacy

There is no simple solution to controlling healthcare costs.

EmployeeHealthRising health care costs and employee absenteeism (and “presenteeism”) continue to be an extraordinary ongoing challenge to all organizations.

The ability to control health care costs is in part achieved by requesting alternative proposals for all lines of coverage, changing carriers, negotiating renewal reductions, encouraging in-network plan utilization, and shifting costs to employees (i.e., changing plan designs, increasing employee contributions).

However, the win-win formula for controlling costs in the long run is to consider initiatives that positively influence behaviors without any adverse impact on your employees:

  • Analyzing your claims utilization to identify trends or specific areas of concern within the employee population.
  • Encouraging employees and dependents to have routine annual physicals.
  • Promoting the use of Urgent Care Centers for non-emergent care rather than going to the Emergency Room.
  • Implementation of Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP) which eliminates first dollar benefits and encourage participants to be better consumers of health care.
  • Conducting annual health fairs with biometric screenings, flu clinics and other wellness initiatives such as tobacco cessation and weight loss programs - with and without various incentives to participate.
  • Promoting the carrier's 24-hour nurse advice line and disease management programs.
  • Creating a work environment that promotes good health.

Pursuant to the flood of evidence based results that clearly indicate lifestyle related conditions are a major contributing factor of accelerating cost increases and lower job productivity, many organizations are focusing initiatives on assisting employees and their families with making voluntary lifestyle related behavioral decisions and changes that will reduce their health risks and improve their health and well-being. Healthier participants will lead to:

  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Increased workplace productivity and performance
  • Reduced dependence on and overall use of healthcare benefits
  • Reduced worker’s compensation/disability
  • Reduced injuries
  • Increased job satisfaction, morale and loyalty

JGS has the expertise and resources to identify and implement wellness initiatives that are aligned with your workforce and corporate culture.

Benefits Support Center

The Benefits Support Center is a comprehensive, outsourced employee advocate service. When an employee or a dependent requires more support than what they receive from the insurance carrier, they call us for immediate one-on-one assistance.

The Benefits Support Center team will:

  • Provide fast and courteous service.
  • Assist the caller with issues such as unpaid medical bills, denied claims due to "medical necessity," eligibility issues, provider issues, and translating confusing "insurance speak" into layman's terms.
  • Obtain and process all documentation.
  • Coordinate as needed with insurance carriers, healthcare providers, family members, and/or Human Resources.
  • Work with the employee or dependent until the problem is resolved.

The Benefits Support Center is designed to:

  • Maximize employee satisfaction with the benefits program.
  • Function transparently as an extension of the HR department handling time-sensitive and often confidential benefits-related issues.
  • Relieve Human Resources of this direct and time-consuming responsibility and reduce exposure to potential HIPAA violations.

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