In my opinion, one of the most overused and misunderstood sayings of all time is this: Life isn’t about weathering the storm. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. Inevitably, I would hear someone misquote these words of wisdom each time I was experiencing some sort of bump in the road, some sort of hardship or difficulty. For some reason, people tend to find solace in the first idea without truly understanding the second.

“Weathering the storm” is an admirable ability to possess. It shows someone’s perseverance. It highlights their ability to buckle down and forge through the impasses that consistently test our resolve. Through these struggles, we can find our strengths and unfortunately; our weaknesses. Storms test our mental toughness as well as our physical toughness. Each struggle brings feelings of stress and anxiety that need to be dealt with properly in order to find the correct state of mind to handle the tasks at hand. Cortisol is released from the body creating a fight-or-flight reaction that, in some cases, helps us progress but in others cases, hampers us.

“Learning to dance in the rain” is an entirely different way to weather the storm. It suggests that trials and hardships are only a matter of perspective. The adage offers two different perspectives on the same occurrence. The first is that when it rains, there is a storm that will need to be weathered. The second perspective suggests that when it’s raining, you have the opportunity to dance. Joyously, gracefully, happily, you pick the method, but dance nonetheless. Imagine the ability to see each storm as the opportunity to dance. To truly and wholeheartedly feel the excitement of being able to test your own resolve, prove your worth and conquer whatever it is that just came barreling unexpectedly into your path.

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