Now I’m not here to beat anyone over the head with the Bible, but there is a verse that is stuck in the foundation of who I am. I’ve found it to be the answer to almost all things “rapport:”

I have become all things to all men [people], that I might by all means save some. —I Corinthians 9:22 (NKJV)

What this verse is basically saying is that in order to properly cultivate relationships, you need to meet people where they are as opposed as to where you want them to be. Let’s let that sink in. This applies to all relationships including with a spouse, child, employee, employer, prospect and client.

Every one of us has an agenda or to-do list at any given time. That agenda or to-do list may include certain things that need to be accomplished at certain times in order for us to reach whatever goal we have set for ourselves. That being said, too many times we focus intently on the individual items and try to force them to fit into the timeline in front of us. We end up forging through our lists, trying to push the people around us to provide what it is that we need from them in order to complete the task at hand. We find frustration when they don’t react with the level of importance we believe they should be reacting with. We get impatient when they don’t respond to us in a timely manner, and, most importantly, if they don’t agree with the point of view or belief that we are presenting them with (read: trying to shove down their throats).

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