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16 October 2017 By Ryan Fleming

Why Walk When You Can Run?

There are so many events, phrases, etc…that shape us from our childhood. At the time they may seem trivial or even downright annoying. Though as we age, their importance really come to light. In a recent time of self-reflection, I questioned why it was that I seemed to rush everywhere I went. Not on the highway but more so in the office or at home. I find myself running from the parking lot to my desk, or “briskly” walking from my desk to the bathroom and back. I try to skip as many steps as possible when confronted with a staircase that needs conquering and so on. This led me to ask myself why and sure enough the answer was clear. Because my father told me to. That’s right, no complicated psychoanalysis here. No big huge event that caused some sort of rift in the time space continuum. Just plain old… cuz dad said so.  


Let me elaborate. As a child I was always up for helping out, or at least doing what I thought was helping when my father had a project. Work, home, boat…whatever it was, I was helping. If he needed something, I would be there to go get it and as I would turn to make the walk to grab whatever it was he needed I would often hear, “Why walk when you can run?” Not an aggressive tone, just very as a matter of fact as if to say “you should bring an umbrella when it rains” or “put on socks before putting on your shoes”. He has always had a work ethic that to me seemed unmatched and still does to this day. It was simple to him. Hard work equals success and not only hard work in the big things, hard work in ALL things. He did everything fast even when “fast” wasn’t required. Looking back, it was a way for him to set his desired pace. Getting massive amounts of work done required him to work fast and think fast. Any deviation from that pace would completely derail his train of progress. We’ve all had days which we just feel sluggish. We’ve also all had those days where ideas and energy flowed freely. A day’s pace definitely dictates its final work product.

Now I’m not saying everyone should be running around the office all day (I’m not saying they shouldn’t either, LOL). Sometimes we get caught up in trying to outsmart the project. We may get overwhelmed trying to digest the massive tasks ahead and we spend too much time in our heads walking instead of running. I’m definitely guilty of this, but if we can increase our pace, productivity is the byproduct. If we can just force ourselves be move more quickly in the small things, we force our pace to increase physiologically. It’s basic biology at the cellular level. If you need energy, you have to go get it. It doesn’t come to you on its own. This is why working out makes you feel more energetic.

Some smart guy named Isaac Newton once said “An object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest.” I would encourage everyone to look for ways to run instead of walking and start with the little things. Make it part of your foundation and you can surely build huge amounts of momentum in everything you do.

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