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Thermal Imaging Services

Thermal ImagingAs an organization electrical fires, energy loss, roof leaks and equipment failures no longer have to be unpredictable events. Minor electrical faults can cost your business thousands of dollars in downtime and repair costs. There is a cost effective proven solution that can help you mitigate these exposures.

A Thermal Imaging Camera or TIC for short is probably one of the greatest predictive maintenance devices ever deployed in the industry. With these devices a great deal of guess work has been removed from the business of building predictive diagnostics. We now the have ability to develop and understand baseline expected operating ranges for items scanned. We can determine with confidence what items are experiencing symptoms of stress or failure before the problems manifest themselves into a “unpredicted event”. Thus allowing you to plan for repairs or in some cases take an item out of service to prevent other more serious facility damage.

Our skilled Thermographer can discuss the benefits of this highly detail oriented science. An assessment of your exposures and a thorough action plan can be developed to prevent some of the greatest challenges that business could ever face. Give us a call to find out how you can benefit from this service.


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