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6 Fears to Overcome for Business Success

By Alicia Ambrose, Marketing Associate

Fears are powerful. They are easy to run from and they are even harder to break. In business, like in life, fears tend to shape who we are and can be motivators or barriers in the pursuit of our goals.

Here are six fears that may be acting as barriers to your business success:

1. I’m afraid of failure

Often, the fear of failure is all that is needed to cause people not to try something. Whether it is trying a new sport, applying for a new position, or going out and chasing new sales. While the thought of failure may seem earth shattering, do not let it consume you, get you down, or keep you from trying. So, what if you fail? A path to success is paved with failures. If you never try, you are guaranteed to fail.

2. I’m afraid I’ll miss something

Time is our most precious commodity. Unfortunately, in a 24/7 Internet-connected world, it can be extremely difficult to disconnect even when you leave work. Take time for yourself when you need to and shut work off when you leave the office. While there is no perfect ratio to a successful work-life balance, you are the only one who knows what you want in life, so be deliberate in the choices that you make.

3. I’m afraid of being judged

The fear of judgement is linked to the desire to be liked by all at all times. Sound crazy? Perhaps. Most of us are guilty of this. We act and think, quite often, based on the mistaken belief that others really and truly care what we are doing and are scrutinizing our every move. They aren’t. The narrow-minded opinions of others should never inhibit you from believing in yourself.

4. I’m afraid of public speaking

Stage fright is a very real phenomenon. Fortunately, it can be overcome. Practice, be confident, put anxiety out of your mind, take your time and don’t sweat it if you have to refer to your notes. If you’re passionate about your topic, your message will be authentic and guaranteed to be well received by your audience.

5. I’m afraid to say no

To be truly focused on your own objectives and goals, you have to learn when to turn down people or opportunities that run contrary to them. It is not selfish to put yourself first. In instances when a flat-out no is unreasonable, consider offering an alternative solution where you’d feel content saying yes.

6. I’m afraid to ask for help

Many people believe that asking for help shows weakness. The truth of the matter is that very few people can succeed alone, and asking for help demonstrates humility and strength. Everyone relies on others to help them get where they are, and many are willing to lend a hand if they are asked.

Overcoming these fears will not only help you succeed in your business but will also help you succeed in your personal life. Often, it is not our capabilities, training, or skills that hold us back; it is our fears. Unfortunately, overcoming fear is easier said than done. Being aware and maintaining a mindful and positive outlook, however, is the first step to success.