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Thoughtful solutions designed to keep companies competitive and on budget.

Employee benefit strategies and solutions designed to keep your company competitive, in compliance, and on budget.

Comprehensive employee benefit programs are all about balance, longevity, and a little creativity. We’ll help you design a dynamic and adaptable suite of solutions that keep you at the forefront of your industry, control costs, and make your employees happy. It is possible to manage costs while remaining competitive and keeping employees happy. It’s a fine balance, but it can be done.

Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consulting process always begins the same way; with getting to know you, your business, and your workforce. Once we understand what’s already working for you and where you’re struggling, we will help you develop a short and long term strategy to proactively manage your costs while providing a program that meets the needs of your employees. As a result, a competitive benefits package will allow you to recruit and retain top performers.
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JGS will help you design an effective ACA compliance and reporting strategy, prepare for a compliance audit, and minimize risk exposure. We act as an extension of your HR department to offer guidance and expertise, ensuring that your benefits management strategy is working. Our team will verify that your company is entirely compliant with ERISA, the ACA and other federal and state requirements, and your company is meeting all disclosure and filing deadlines. We’ll also help you devise and implement a system of checks and balances to make sure you continue to meet requirements and can adapt to legislative updates in a timely fashion.

Products and services that get your compliance strategy on the right track:

  • ACA compliance: risk exposure audit, reporting calendar and checklist
  • Sample notices & templates for COBRA, HIPAA, and more
  • Eligibility audits to determine which hourly employees meet federal “full-time” status requirements and qualify for benefits
  • Strategic & adaptable benefit management and compliance review plans designed to evolve alongside your business, minimize risk exposure and keep you in compliance with ERISA, DOL, HHS, and IRS regulations for years to come

Human Resource Support

The human resources and benefits administration landscape with its constant updates and ever-evolving regulations is challenging even for the most well-staffed HR divisions. You can trust our Human Resources support team to deliver the solutions and tools you need to maintain compliance and provide employees with a positive onboarding and enrollment experience. Our HR team can offer guidance and information to help your company minimize risk and make informed decisions – even in the most challenging situations.

HR Support you won’t want to go without:

  • HR Hotline: give your team access to on-call experts who will guide and advise them as they navigate challenging and unprecedented situations
  • HRconnection: a customized benefits website that helps you deliver a consistent, positive enrollment experience to employees
  • Employee Education: help employees understand and leverage valuable employee benefits programs and initiatives
  • Employee Communication: New hire guides, benefits handbooks, and more

The JGS Process.

Clear goals and a plan are the first steps to success.

Diagnostic Review

Understand business operation and employee benefits program Compare current plan offerings with industry benchmarks Create an executive summary

Develop a Plan

Identify compliance concerns, cost savings opportunities, what’s working and what’s not Customize specific plan to address these Assign dates and accountability to each task

Managing Your Plan

Communicate your vision to your employees Monitor carrier performance and employee satisfaction Compare planned versus actual performance throughout the year

Growing Your Business Safely

Create a strategy to manage the growth of your program Predict growth exposure and compliance risks Modify Proactive Service Timeline to address additional action items and the next years concerns

What happens if you don't?

  • Insurance is addressed once a year at renewal
  • You have no strategy for projecting costs and managing the renewal process
  • You take a reactive approach to the carrier’s renewal by simply reducing benefits and shifting costs to your employees