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The insurance industry is difficult to navigate. Let us be your guide.

Knowing your desired destination requires a well planned route.

As a business owner or franchisee, you’re used to being quick on your feet and adapting to change.

Still, no matter how well you plan or how quickly you address challenges, you’ll need solutions in place to protect your assets, employees, customers, and equipment.

We know you want to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for your guests that encourages them to return. We also understand that you need to balance coverage and costs to keep your business profitable. Luckily, our extensive selection of insurance options and business solutions does just that. Knowing the landscape allows us to provide clarity as we work closely with your team to plan your insurable future.

We can also assist you with business services that help your Employee Benefits program thrive such as Strategic ConsultingCompliance and Human Resource Support.


Core Coverages

  • General Liability
  • Business Auto
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Property
  • Umbrella
  • Management Liability

Industry Specific Coverages

  • Inland Marine
  • Commercial & Contract Surety
  • Railroad Protective Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Construction Wrap-ups
  • Environmental Liability

Traditional Services

  • Business property valuation
  • Return to work program
  • Implementation of claims best practices
  • Strategic program structure

JGS Services

  • Pre-renewal strategy meeting
  • Tool box talks (onboarding subcontractors)
  • Liability risk management
  • Housekeeping program
  • Mock OSHA audits

Claims Advocacy

Provide claim handling best practices

Analyze, negotiate and support throughout the life of the claim

Audit claim reserves for adequacy and reduce wherever possible

Coverage dispute advocacy to ensure proper settlement

Audit carrier claims handling performance

The JGS Process.

We set our Construction clients up with the keys to success – clear goals and objectives that align with their vision.

Diagnostic Review

Understand business operation and employee benefits program Compare current plan offerings with industry benchmarks Create an executive summary

Develop a Plan

Identify compliance concerns, cost savings opportunities, what’s working and what’s not Customize specific plan to address these Assign dates and accountability to each task

Managing Your Plan

Communicate your vision to your employees Monitor carrier performance and employee satisfaction Compare planned versus actual performance throughout the year

Growing Your Business Safely

Create a strategy to manage the growth of your program Predict growth exposure and compliance risks Modify Proactive Service Timeline to address additional action items and the next years concerns