As New Jersey’s largest independently owned brokerage, JGS Insurance realizes that growth comes in many different forms. When the insurance industry doesn’t provide solutions that insureds need, JGS Insurance has historically taken things into their own hands to design products that solve problems. They do it by creating subsidiaries like Preferred Property Program (PPP) and American Union Risk Associates (AURA).

PPP provides many different insurance products for the world of community associations. AURA compliments those offerings even further with high limit umbrella products.

In September 2019, JGS Insurance acquired the assets of Maryland-based John Manougian Insurance Agency. JMI currently serves the needs of more than 600 community associations throughout the metro-Washington, DC area. The acquisition underscores JGS Insurance’s growth strategy in community associations as well as throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Read the press release.



We primarily operate as a risk-purchasing group. In addition, we issue standard insurance policies (Low Limit & Equipment Breakdown Policies). These Programs are designed for Condominiums, Cooperatives, Homeowners Associations, Planned Unit Developments, Apartments and Timeshare Associations.

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AURA is a program administrator for umbrellas for commercial and habitational real estate and hotels/motels risk, offering limits from $5 mill to $100 mill.

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JMI was formed in 1970 as an independent agency and offers a full spectrum of insurance services for community associations, including professional insurance management, risk evaluation, loss prevention and risk management services and claims analysis.