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Your Trusted Partner in Homeowners Insurance

JGS is your permanent partner and advisor who knows the ins and outs of property & casualty in New Jersey and beyond.

However, your property and assets both inside and outside your home are unfortunately always vulnerable to the elements, crime, and the risks that come with home ownership. You need a partner on your side to guide you through the best protection and educate you on your best options from life’s uncertainties. Why do you need homeowners insurance? Your home is your family’s safe haven and one of the most significant investments you will ever make.

At JGS Insurance, we consult with you on the best, most cost-effective coverage for your home and family.

Our homeowners insurance plans provide coverage for damages and losses relating to your house’s structure, as well as personal property—it can include everything from foundation repair to insuring your jewelry and keepsakes. We also offer liability coverage to protect you from claims if someone suffers an injury on your property.

Whether your house is your home, or you are renting it out as a landlord, our advisors at JGS Insurance will find the best homeowners insurance policy for you. We will provide you with a personalized insurance plan that fits your needs, budget, and compliance requirements. Contact us today at (877) 547-4671 to schedule a strategic consultation and receive a quote

Home & Property Insurance

Our home and property insurance in New Jersey covers structural damages to your property. Depending on your plan, this policy can protect you against damage resulting from:

  • Inclement weather—for example, wind, hail, lightning strikes, and extreme temperatures
  • Fire outbreaks, flames, smoke, heat, and extinguishing measures, such as water
  • Water damage & Pipe breaks—for example, rot, mold-growth, corrosion, composite wood swelling, and delamination of plywood components. Note: Flood is excluded from almost all homeowner policies. Clients need to purchase a separate policy for flood. Pipe leaks are not covered. There must be a sudden & accidental break for coverage to apply.
  • Theft, break-ins, vandalism, and civil commotion

Consulting with one of our team members is the first step to ensure that your homeowners insurance plan will be right for you. You might also want to include additional items in your plan. For example, if your property is under construction, you might need additional coverage for structural damage.

Insurance for Assets, Collectibles & Keepsakes

In addition to their economic value, your property has sentimental value. With our property insurance, you can have peace of mind that you have sufficient coverage in the case of theft, loss, or damage.

Our insurance carriers offer comprehensive coverage for all assets. This can be added to homeowners insurance plans or warranties that might not cover the unexplained disappearance or breakage of an item. Note: We currently have no carriers that will cover collectibles (Except for Jewelry) under a separate policy. The carriers that offer this coverage add it to their homeowner policy.

Specialty types of property we can cover include:

  • Heirloom jewelry and watches
  • Wedding and engagement rings
  • Art
  • Collections (stamps, sports cards, memorabilia, etc.)
  • Most policies will not cover loose stones.
The coverage you need depends on the assets you want to insure and their value. Contact our team at JGS Insurance to craft the perfect policy for you, your family, and your home and asset needs.

Casualty Insurance

Personal liability coverage protects you if you or a family member are sued for accidental injury or property damage. If someone is injured in or away from your home and you’re found legally responsible, liability insurance covers settlement fees and costly legal defense fees. Some common losses covered are:

  • Trip & Fall – down stairs, on icy or cracked sidewalk, on slippery floor.
  • Dog bites – if your dog bites a person or another animal. Whether playing in your yard or out for a walk.
  • Accidental acts of children or others that cause injury or property damage

Schedule a Consultation with JGS Insurance

The coverage you need depends on the cost of replacing your structure and belongings. Ideally, your homeowners insurance plan should cover:

The dwelling and all outbuildings, such as your garage

Your personal property, including furnishings, art and decorations, collectibles and assets

Liability insurance

Not sure what kind of policy you need, or what policy covers which kind of issues and scenarios?

Our advisors at JGS are here to consult and advise you, and act on your behalf to underwrite the best policy for your needs.

As an insurance broker, we are one of New Jersey’s most trusted and experienced agencies, but we are licensed in all 50 states. Whether you are a first-time property buyer or current homeowner, we will ensure that you meet your lending company’s insurance requirements.

Do you need a quote for homeowners insurance? Contact us at JGS Insurance today at (877) 547-4671 to schedule a consultation or use our online form to submit an inquiry.