JGS History Year 1919.


Isadore (Izzy) Jacobson and Goldfarb start a real estate and insurance agency in Perth Amboy, NJ

JGS History Year 1921.


Jacobson and Goldfarb open a commercial real estate office in conjunction with the insurance office

JGS History Year 1938.


Norman Tanzman joins and forms Jacobson, Goldfarb & Tanzman

JGS History Year 1949.


Danny Scott joins Jacobson, Goldfarb and firm becomes Jacobson, Goldfarb & Scott while Norman Tanzman also joins the company and the company adds and additional company name as Jacobson, Goldfarb and Tanzman for the commercial real estate portion of the company

JGS History Year 1962.


Sam Hager joins Jacobson, Goldfarb & Scott as producer

JGS History Year 1966.


Jacobson, Goldfarb and Scott and Jacobson, Goldfarb and Tanzman incorporate into two separate and distinct companies

JGS History Year 1985.


Jacobson, Goldfarb and Scott move after over 65 years from Perth Amboy to Woodbridge

JGS History Year 1987.


Ken Hager joins Jacobson, Goldfarb and Scott as a producer

JGS History Year 1989.


Vinnie Hager Jacobson, Goldfarb and Scott as a producer

JGS History Year 1990.


Ken Hager is made a minority partner

JGS History Year 1993.


Jacobson, Goldfarb and Scott files a doing business as name for JGS Insurance and starts to market itself as such

JGS History Year 1995.


JGS Insurance once again moves it's office, this time from Woodbridge in Middlesex County to 960 Holmdel Road, Holmdel in Monmouth County NJ.

JGS History Year 1996.


Sam Hager retires and Steve Kane, Ken Hager and Vincent Hager buy out remaining shares in agency

JGS History Year 1998.


JGS Insurance starts a Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) in NJ for the purchase of umbrella insurance on a group basis with Firemans Fund Insurance Company.

JGS History Year 1999.


RPG known as Preferred Property Program expands coverage to 32 states in conjunction with a partnership with Community Association Underwriters of America.

JGS History Year 2011.


Ken and Vincent Hager buy out Steve Kane who retires

JGS History Year 2016.


JGS Insurance acquires American Union Rick Associates (AURA), a program administrator and specialty lines wholesaler based in Hallandale Beach, Florida. JGS is Recognized as a Top 50 Elite Agency nationally for growth and innovation

JGS History Year 2017.


Moved to Bell Works, a 2-million square foot multi-purpose living and working space in Holmdel, NJ. (Link to nj.com article about Bell Works being the coolest building in NJ)