Condo Association Location

Date of Loss






Claimant slipped and fell on snow & ice on insured’s sidewalk.  Multiple injures alleged. Requested more specific information regarding nature and extent of injuries sustained.  


Global offer of $142,500.00 was rejected and demand is 500K to settle.  Case remains open. 

New York


Claimant slipped and fell on slippery sidewalk covered in mud from melting snow &ice.

Claimant suffered a right cortical

Avulsion fracture to ankle - she treated with physical therapy and injections. Later Diagnosed with RSD

Settled for $275,000.00

New Jersey


Claimant slipped and fell on snow & ice on street maintained by the insured. Plaintiff sustained a fractured ankle requiring open reduction & internal fixation


Case remains open. Defense states that depositions have taken place.  It does not appear that the snow contractor had been called back to the property, so that is not helpful for the insured.

New York


Claimant was walking on the sidewalk near 47 Falcon Ridge Way when she slipped on ice on the walk way. She suffered a dorsal fracture of the distal radius of her right wrist.

Case resolved $20,000.00

New Jersey


Claimant alleges he was injured on the Association's premises. Slip and fall on ice while walking dog.

Injuries: left non-displaced lateral malleolar fracture and bone contusion

Case resolved $150,000.00

B.I. + $5,000.00 Med Pay

New Jersey


Claimant slipped and fell on ice in Court 9.  All residents were directed to move their vehicles to the main drive of rec center lot unit the lots were cleared and salted. She fractured her left hip and required surgery with the insertion of 2 rods. This was reported with a letter of representation in March 2016.  The claimant did not park where she was instructed to park. Lots were being cleared and there was an obvious covering of snow and ice in the lot where the claimant parked.  She was shoveling the snow and walked over a patch of ice causing her to fall.  Suit was filed in 2018.  Liability was doubtful.  The way in which she fell and the fact that the snow fall had ended less than 12 hours before the incident.  Town ordinance allows 2 hours of time before clearing has to be complete.

Although liability was doubtful, the claim settled for $98,000.  This was split 50/50 with the snow contractor.  GNY paid $49,000.  There was a Medicare lien of more than $17,000.

New Jersey


Claimant fell on the top landing of the steps.  She slipped on a patch of ice. She broke both arms and was admitted to JFK Hospital. A lawsuit was filed in December 2016.  A majority of liability did fall on the co-defendant, WRG Construction as they felt the steps were not properly constructed.  CAU found during their investigation that the stairs allowed water to puddle up, and freeze during cold temperatures. 

The case settled prior to going to court for $450,000.  Tort Immunity did not apply as the claimant is a tenant.  CAU contributed $200,000 on behalf of the association.  The balance was paid by the Contractor.

New Jersey


Summons and Complaint was received as FNOL.  Claimant was delivering mail when he slipped and fell on ice at 100 Dag Hammarskjold Blvd.  Injuries sustained were a lumbar injury resulting in sacroiliac fusion surgery.  He was also out of work for an extended period of time as a result. There was also a large WC lien.  The snow contractor was also named in the suit. 

The claim settled with $140,000 paid by GNY.

New Jersey


Claimant slipped and fell on ice in the driveway of a unit owner’s home.  She fractured her leg and tore a ligament.  A Complaint was received in January 2016. 

The case settled for $135,000.  $100,000 was contributed by CAU with the other $35,000 was contributed by the snow contractor.