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It’s All A Bunch of B.S.!

By Ryan Fleming, Director – Habitational Group

We’ve all heard stories involving feats of superhuman strength, bravery or intelligence where people were able to lift a car to free a trapped child or run into a burning building. The stories are incredible and most times unbelievable, but yet they happened. How is it that people, in certain situations, can be more than their everyday selves? What is it that happens inside of these people to allow them to perform so well when the moment demands?

The same questions are often asked regarding top performers in business, in life or uber entrepreneurs. Successful people seem to have the ability to find success everywhere and there are always those entrepreneurs that come up with what seems to be the best ideas at the best times. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t any secret sauce or magic DNA that allows these people to lift cars, crush business or make a new idea work. The fact is, they have a reason to act, build, create or grow that is stronger than the reasons telling them not to. They have an incredible Belief System. A belief system that tells them there is no option to fail because the end result is clear in their mind and bigger than the hurdles in front of them.

Belief system should be synonymous with the word hunger. Both are terms used often to describe someone’s desire to accomplish whatever they are focused on, but belief systems aren’t normally as concrete as the term hunger is. Hunger comes from our gut telling us that our body needs nutrition. It’s a primal internal urge that is only satisfied when we feed it. It persists no matter how hard we try to suppress it in times of dieting or fasting. This urge is ingrained so deep into our very fiber that it’s absolutely undeniable. We need our belief system to mirror our hunger. If it’s ingrained deep enough into our fiber, we can accomplish what we need to for an extended period of time.

Every moment of every day, we have decisions to make in order to move towards progress or risk falling behind. Life is tough, work is hard, you’re tired, blah blah blah… All of the former will try to tell you to take that break or that you’ve worked hard enough for the time being to reward yourself. Without something deep within that tells you you’re not done yet or that there’s more to do, give or say; you will struggle to keep moving forward.

In order to develop your own personal B.S. you need to find clarity. What is it that you are trying to accomplish for the long term?

Gain a clear vision of what you want/need with clear measurable concrete milestones. Write it down or set up something visual to remind you. You’ll be able to dive into the details of how you’re going to accomplish it consistently on a daily basis. Vision boards work for some while others simply need to throw a picture on the fridge. Whatever works for you, but make it visual or tangible. If you know the destination clearly, it’s much easier to plot your course. And, as much as you may hate it, ask someone to hold you accountable the whole way. Accountability can redirect you in the toughest of times.

We can talk about this B.S. all day, but it only works if you strive to develop it. Your goals don’t need to be perfect. They just need to be there. And by all means…ACT on them. Action beats perfection all day.


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