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Killer Time Management Techniques that Really Work

By Conor Moran, Assistant Vice President – Commercial Lines

The modern world is a busy place, and when you’re trying to get a job done, it can sometimes seem impossible to juggle everything. However, by taking a moment to step back and evaluate what you’re actually doing, you could free up some much-needed time.

Improving productivity means being more structured and using deliberate time management techniques that have a proven record of success. Here’s a look at some of the killer ways to create real success when managing your time.

Take Control of Your Technology

With more and more offices opting for a paperless environment, there’s an ever-increasing reliance on technology. While this can be quicker and more efficient, problems arise when you have to check a myriad of applications in order to get the information you need.

Rather than spending your time going from one app to the next, consolidate your technology so you get everything channeled through one medium. Switch off pop-up notifications on your desktop too, and make sure that you receive all of your data via a single app.

Similarly, implement systems that will help you streamline the information you receive. If you’re not interested in something, remove yourself from the chat group or unsubscribe from an email distribution list. Do everything you can to reduce the information overload and you’ll free up a surprising amount of time every day.

Schedule Breaks in Your Calendar

If you’re overloaded with work, it’s easy to schedule back-to-back tasks that will have you running from one meeting to the next. Taking time out can seem like a luxury that you simply don’t have.

However, although it may seem counterproductive, you’ll end up being far more effective if you stop and take a break. The human mind can only work at optimum levels for so long before it becomes fatigued.

Don’t treat your breaks casually, or else you’ll find that time could be “stolen” by another task. Block it out in your calendar and treat it like any other priority meeting that can’t be skipped.

Understand Email Isn’t a Time-Saver

Email has become the communication tool of choice for many people, with the many advantages it offers. While it’s undoubtedly convenient, it can end up costing you more time than communicating the old-fashioned way. If you’re working in an office, don’t be tempted to rattle off an email when you could just walk down the hall and talk to your colleague in person. A long email chain isn’t just time consuming; it can also lead to more errors and misunderstandings. So this “time-saving” method is actually a surprising hurdle to being effective.

Take Control of Your Time

Being organized and tackling your time management techniques will provide more benefits than are immediately apparent. As well as making you more productive in the workplace, it will also boost your health, reduce your stress, and increase the harmony in your life.