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NJDOL Benefits and the COVID-19: What Benefits Are Available

New Jersey has among the most comprehensive Earned Sick Leave, Temporary Disability and Family Leave Insurance laws in the country.

The Department of Labor has come out with a release that describes a variety of COVID- 19 scenarios and details what benefits might be available in each case. Please click here to view the scenarios.

Also, on March 18, 2020, President Trump signed into law the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. The Act requires employers to provide paid leave for some employees related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, among other measures.

Below are links to a very informative webinar that employment and benefits attorneys conducted this past Friday entitled “Important Updates on Coronavirus and the Workplace”. This webinar explored federal and legislative efforts to provide relief to workers affected by COVID-19 as well as best practices for addressing the risks of this illness at work.

We will continue to send out updates and references that might help you during this difficult time. Also, we have a large library of documents and videos about the Coronavirus and leave laws that you can use to educate your employees about the disease as well as use to implement policies and operate your business, so if you can think of any information that may help please contact us.


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