Property & Casualty Carrier’s Offerings Related to COVID-19

Please note: This resource library is evolving and will be updated as content arises. Insureds should call the billing department of their respective carrier to request/confirm an accommodation.

In addition to the following responses, please see individual state executive orders/bulletins listed below that may supersede these.



Accident Fund


Accident Fund Provides FAQs for COVID-19 Matters

Accident Fund provides clients with FAQs when it comes to claims and loss control visits. They also cover how they are handling their process with COVID-19.



Frequently Asked Questions regarding Coronavirus and Travel Insurance

How AIG is handling travel insurance coverage questions.


  • Billing Dept: (MM Property, GL, Umbrella and XS) - 800-527-5787

  • Billing Dept: (Auto & WC) - 844-842-4255

  • Suspension of non-payment cancellations until 6/1/20

  • Suspension of late fees for premiums due on or before 6/1/20


Allianz’s New Emergency Medicare Care Benefit

Although not covered under most plans, Allianz is currently accommodating claims for Emergency Medical Care Benefit (Emergency medical care for a customer who becomes ill with COVID-19 while on their trip) and Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption Benefits (trip cancellation and trip interruption if a customer becomes ill with COVID-19 either before or during their trip)


American Property Insurance


  • 848-208-2000


  • 877-234-4420 - option 3

Arch Reinsurance Group


Lloyd’s Syndicates now Trading Remotely

Lloyd’s of London has closed their underwriting room; therefore, Syndicate underwriters will be trading remotely and will either utilize PPL as the main placement method or revert to the Lloyd’s Emergency Trading Protocol, which has been distributed by Lloyd’s recently.


  • Temporary suspension of policy cancellations for commercial clients who cannot pay their premiums on time due to events related to pandemic

  • NJ - 90 day grace period for premium payments may be elected to begin retroactively on 4/1/20 or opt for grace period to begin on 5/1/20. During this time, policies will not be cancelled for nonpayment, late fees will be waived and late payments will not be reported to credit rating agencies during the 90 day period. THIS RELIEF IN NOT AUTOMATIC. THE INSURED MUST CALL AND NOTIFY THAT THEY ARE EXPERIENCING HARDSHIP AND WANT TO CONTINUE COVERAGE AND WHICH DAY THEY WANT TO ELECT THE 90 DAY PERIOD TO COMMENCE ON

  • 800-664-8514 or

  • Small busiess clients whose policies renew between 4/1 - 8/1 will receive an automatic 25% reduction in sales and payroll exposures used to calculate premium as well as a 15% reduction in premium for their commercial auto policy

  • Late fees will not be assessed during the 60 day hold


  • 877-276-7507

  • Vacancy provision - a building will not be considered vacant for the days during any period of occupancy where such occupancy changed solely as a result of a government stay at home order or similar directive relative to COVID-19 (this accomodation is only applicable to CNA Paramount (incl. all WorldPass and Passport), CNA Signature and CNA Connect commercial first party property policies and will be considered effective through the earlier of the expiration of any applicable government order or directive of 6/1/20)

  • Suspension of all policy cancellations for non payment until 6/1/20

  • Waiving all late fees

  • Will continue regular premium billing


Support for Policyholders

Until June 1, 2020, CNA will be suspending all policy cancellations for nonpayment, waiving all late fees and continuing regular premium billing.


  • 800-232-6992 option 2 - will accomodate 30 day payment deferrals

  • Commercial Auto: 15% premium refund on two months of annual premium, with a minimum payment of $25 to all NJ policyholders with active policies as of 5/31/20

  • BOP, CPP & GL: 15% premium refund on 2 months of annual liabiity premium with a minimum payment of $25 to all NJ policyholders (excl. habitational risks and auditable classes) with active policies as of 5/31/20

  • Anticipate refund checks to be issued Mid June

EMC Insurance Companies 


EMC Suspends On-site Inspections

EMC Insurance Companies have suspended all on-site inspections, premium audit visit and stop loss control services.


  • Their policy wording states that they will not cancel a policy until 60 days post inception date, for nonpayment. However, they abide by a 90 day rule. Therefore, it extends an additional 30 days to collect payment


  • For policies with expiration date between 2/13/20 and 6/15/20, grace period for renewal premium payments extended to 120 days

First Insurance Funding
(Premium Finance)

  • If insured receives an RP due to a reduction coverage that they requested, they will apply the RP as a credit in full toward next payment due.  Typically the RP is spread over any remaining installments due.  

  • Upon request, they will hold cancellation notices up to 30 total days after due date.

  • Late fees may be waived upon request.


  • Customer Care - 800-336-3642 or email

  • Policyholders must complete this form and return it to FMI via email to:

Grange Insurance Company


Grange Insurance now Offering Extension for Premium Payments and Renewals

In an effort to provide a short-term market solution to ease pain points around premium payments and renewals, Grange is suspending cancellations of policies due to nonpayment of premium, and will not issue late pay notices or charge late fees. While this extension is not a waiver of premium payments, it intends to demonstrate insurers’ willingness to provide financial relief around premium payments.

Greater New York


  • 800-522-5504 x1218 Effective immediately, for balances due on or after 3/1/20, non payment cancellations will be suspended unless payments due are at least 30 days delinquent. They will re-assess in April to determine if the 30 days should be extended


  • 800-673-2465 - Billing Dept

  • Can change a WC policy midterm to a Pay-As-You-Go Billing option, however, the policy will be cancelled and reissued under the new payment plan

  • BOP NJ policyholders: for policies rated based upon sales or payroll, they are reducing the sales or payroll exposure based used to calculate the liability portion of the policy premium by 30% for the specified period, which is a reduction of approximately 5% annually to the liability portion of the premium.

  • For NJ BOP's rated upon limit of insurance, they are issuing a premium refund/credit by applying a 30% reduction to the liability coverage premium for the specified period, which is a reduction of approximately 5% annually to the liability portion of the premium * exclusions apply to: convenience stores (with or without cooking, restaurants, and gas sales), delicatessens, meat/fish/poultry/seafood retail, fruit and vegetable dealers, grocery stores (with/without gas sales), dairy products stores, drugstores, and apartment buildings/condominiums

  • NJ PACKAGE POLICIES: issuing a premium refund/credit by applying a 30% reduction to the GL premium for the specified period, which is a reduction of approximately 5% to the impacted liability premium * exclusions: frozen food distributors, grocery distributors, parking-private, swimming pools, and apartment buildings/hotels/condominium associations

  • NJ UMBRELLA POLICIES: issuing a premium refund/credit of 30% for the specified period, which is a reductin of approximately 5% annually. Credit only applies to those policies in which the underlying premium has been reduced

  • NJ COMMERCIAL AUTOMOBILE POLICIES: issuing a premium refund/credit of 20% for the specified period, which is a reduction of approximately 3.33% annually * exclusions: nursing care facilities, general medical and surgical hospitals, HMO medical centers, freestanding ambulatory surgical and emergency centers, assisted living facilities for the elderly, continuing care retirement communities, home health care services, general freight trucking, couriers and express delivery services and local messengers/delivery

  • NJ WC POLICIES: For non-landscaping classes, issuing a premium refund/credit by applying a 30% reduction to the payroll exposure used to calculate premium for the specified period, which is a reduction of approximately 5% annuallyFor landscaping classes, issuing a premium refund/credit by applying a 15% reduction to the payroll exposure used to calculate premium for the specified period, which is a reduction of approximately 2.5% annually.Expired policies or those due to expire within 30 days that have not been audited will, upon audit, have actual payroll for the entire policy period determined and used to calculate the correct, final annual premium, which may result in an additional premium or a creditPolicies not due to expire within 30 days will have the credit applied as indicated below and are subject to final audit after the policy term; the audit will take into account actual payroll during the entire policy term, which may result in an additional premium or a credit* exclusions: convenience stores (with/without gas sales), supermarkets and other grocery stores, meat markets, nursing care facilities, general medical and surgical hospitals, HMO medical centers, freestanding ambulatory surgical and emergency centers, assisted living facilities for the elderly, continuing care retirement communities, home health care services, general freight trucking, courier and express delivery services, and local messengers/delivery. Policy on GRIP or self-reporting payment plans

  • IN ALL CASES (UNLESS SPECIFICALLY NOTED ABOVE):Credits will be applied equally across all remaining premium installments. Where the credit amount is more than the remaining premium due for the full policy term, the remainder will be issued to the policyholder as a check and sent to the mailing address of record within the next 2-3 weeks. 

  • Policies that were previously endorsed due to a reported reduction in exposure are not eligible for a credit

  • Credits for policies that were not in force for the entire period (3/22/20 - 5/22/20) will be determined on a pro-rata basis

  • Premiums will only be reduced to the minimum levels; policyholders receiving refunds/credits less than $10 will also be issued a $10 Amazon gift card

  • Reductions in specific or mixed exposures used to determine premium credits vary by line of coverage, business type and exposure base(s) and are outlined in detail in our notices to policyholders

  • NJ Policyholders: suspension of cancellations for non-payment for 90 days beginning retroactively on 4/1/20 or 5/1/20 (at policyholders discretion)

  • NJ policyholders: allowing premiums due but not paid during the 90 day period to be paid over the remainder of the current policy term or up to 12 months equal installments, whichever is longer

  • NJ policyholders: waiving late fees for premium payments and not reporting late payments to credit rating agencies during the 90 day grace period

  • NY policyholders: waiving late fees for premium payments due on or before 6/1/20

  • NY policyholders: if policyholder missed a payment due to financial hardship as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, they may arrange to make these payments over a 12 month period

  • NY policyholders: suspending cancellations for nonpayment until 6/1/20


  • 800-626-6601

  • Automatic 10% premium credit filed for:- GL policies rated on non-variable rating exposures - Professional liability policies on an occurrence basis- policies that were in-force during the credit period 3/16 - 5/31/20 with NJ locations- the class with the largest premium on the policy will be identified as the predominant class to determine if it is variable or non-variable (i.e, square footage, # of units, # of members, # of students) to determine eligibility. 

  • Premium credit does not apply to Auto, Property, Umbrella, Claims Made Professional and any other products

  • Policies currently at minimum premium will not receive a premium credit as the minimum premium is required to cover expenses and premium reductions would not be possible within the constraints of their filed rating plans

  • The credit will be applied to the total premium for NJ risk locations of all classes on each qualifying policy. Hanover will apply a premium credit of 10% of monthly premiums for the period of 3/16 - 5/31/20. Additional fees, such as billing, are not considered part of the premium and will not be included as part of the credit calculation

  • Eligible customers with an active policy at the end of May will be automatically credited by end of July

  • DIRECT BILL CUSTOMERS: will automatically receive the credit. No action is required. Customers will see a COVID credit on their next billing statement. Customers that have paid in full and do not have an account balance on any of their policies with Hanover will receive a refund in early August. If there are other Hanover polciies with a remaining balance, the credit will be applied to those balances first. Those who pay y EFT will receive a creduit to their monthly withdrawl in August

  • Will consider moving the current billed amount to end of policy term, if possible

  • Re-spread the current billed amount over the policy term

  • Waiving late fees

  • Customers can make EFT changes through the link above

  • 60 day hold on non payment cancellations, unless required longer by a specific state

  • Accomodating payment accomodations on a case by case basis and will provide 30-60 day relief

  • CA policies - 60 day hold on delinquencies and those currently will not be cancelled for 60 days


  • Non Payment Cancellations - suspended until 5/31/ Any DB customers whose accounts are overdue will receive and email on 5/28 reminding them to make their next payment according to their billing plan. Payroll billing customers will be updated and reminded about the end of the grace period.

  • Customer Service: 866-467-8730

  • Vacant Property - will not consider property vacant if property became unoccupied after a closure order issued in an applicable state - You can view specific details here along with tips on reducing the risk of loss during a vacancy. Beginning 9/1/20, they will resume applying vacancy conditions on Commercial Property policies. Vacancy conditions will apply if a building (or the area rented by a tenant) remains vacant, as defined in the policy, for more than 60 consecutive days beginning on or after 9/1/20.

  • Flexibiity for completion of final audits, non compliance notices and final audit payments - must call # above


COVID-19 – Business Insurance

The Hartford will be looking at Business Coverage Interuption on a case by case basis. They will also be suspending cancellations for non-payment until May 1, 2020, and will not be assessing late fees for premiums due on or before May 1, 2020.

Imperial Finance
(Premium Finance)

  • Credit Card/ACH down payments - option to pay remotely. Instructions here.

  • Eforms vs. mail - customers can receive notifications via email

  • Waiving all late fees from 3/15 to 4/30 for insureds with premiums less than $50,000

  • Extension of cancellation notices up to 30 days beyond payment due date

  • Will apply, based on insured's preferences, any return premiums from policy modifications to the next payment or spread out savings over the balance of the loan term

  • Extra time to pay bill - in the Account Status section of the website, insureds can electronically place a hold for up to 9 days based on where in the process the cancellation is at that time - IPFS Hold Screen (002).png

Liberty Mutual

  • Late fees and non-payment cancellations temporarily paused for small commercial customers from 3/23 to at least 6/1/20

  • Insuffient fund return fees waived

  • 4/20/20 - Announced a 15% refund on 2 months of annual premiums for all BOP policies that are in force as of 4/1/20, including Specialty programs - pending regulatory approval. Refunds will begin in upcoming weeks and will be issued via check. Payments will happen automatically - customers do not need to call Liberty to receive refund. Customers can look up status of refund here: BOP Refund lookup tool you can share with policyholders

  • Suspension of non-renewals with policy effective dates of 4/1 - 7/31

  • eff 3/23/20 - 60 day billing leniency for all small business customers (no policies will be cancelled for non payment from 3/23/20 - 5/22/20)


Changes to Auto & Property Claims Process to Protect Customers and Employees

Liberty Mutual as stopped all in-home damage inspections except in emergency situations and will do in-home inspections through RealTime Review video chat. Adjusters will continue to do outside property inspections outside the home with customer permission. Claims Valet service will be suspended until further notice.



Nationwide Foundation contributing $5 million and medical supplies for coronavirus relief

To provide support for COVID-19 disaster response, the Nationwide Foundation is making $5 million in contributions to local and national charities to support pandemic response efforts. Additional donations of medical supplies, including masks and surgical gloves, were provided to hospitals in Ohio and Iowa.



  • May elect to pay premiums due during 90 day grace period issued by NJDOBI over current policy term or up to 12 months in up to 12 equal installments

  • 15% Premium payment relief for Commercial Auto and MAP BOP policies with premium in April and May for MA, MI, NH, NJ, OH, PA, VT (exlcudes MAP Auto Repair and MAP Contractor policies). Relief payment will be automatically applied to policyholder's billing invoice. Minimum payment applied is $10. If policy has already been paid in full or the policy is no longer active, Merchants will issue a check to the policyholder within 30 days.

  • NJ - suspension of future policy non-payment pending cancellations until 8/1. Will continue to bill policyholders in a cancellation hold status, but policies will not cancel for non-payment and late fees will be waived. Will accept payment over a period of up to twelve months with twelve equal installments. Will not report late payments to credit agencies

  • PA - suspending future policy non-payment pending cancellations until June 1st in Pennsylvania per state regulations. Will continue to bill policyholders in a cancellation hold status, but policies will not cancel for non-payment and late fees will be waived.

  • PA - suspending future policy non-payment pending cancellations until June 1st per state regulations

  • Billing dept - 800-462—8182

  • Partial payments and payments may be made by credit card or e-check using our online My Merchants policyholder portal or the Merchants Mobile app

  • BOP Automatic Increase (for Building and Business Personal Property) has been suspended

  • MIG Pay (Pay as You Go):- assessement fees do not have to be paid up front. They will be evenly collected during the policy term- Minimum Premium changed reduced to $1,500 - Policyholders can now change their payroll status to seasonal to eliminate the need to report zero payrolls


  • Suspending cancellation for non-payments, along with interest charges, installment fees, and late fees for policyholders experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19.

  • Audits will be completed via electronic upload of documents, rather than in-person visits

  • Any unpaid premium balances incurred during the crisis can be paid off over the subsequent 12 month period

  • Will adjust payroll for: employees working from home performing less hazardous work, employees who are idle, but still on payroll, employees placed on furlough without pay, laid off employees and if operations were ceased temporarily payroll can be adjusted to keep policy active without having to pay premiums until business is restarted. Read more.


  • Non pay cancellations notices for Agency Bill past due policies will begin to be mailed out the week of 8/3


  • Contact your Account Manager for a request for accomodation - 856-727-3132

(automatic, insureds do not need to call)

  • Suspension from 4/1/20 - 5/15/20 of cancellations and non-renewals due to non payment

  • Waiving all late and cancel fees

  • No reinstatements for policies that cancelled prior to 4/1/20

  • Suspension of cancellation notices and any lapses in coverage



QBE North America Donates 95,000 3M Masks to US Hospitals to Aid in Battle Against COVID-19

QBE North America is supporting healthcare workers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by donating 95,000 3M standard ear loop face masks to hospitals around the country. The masks were part of QBE North America’s emergency preparedness supply and will be donated to a number of hospitals and medical facilities facing shortages in communities countrywide.


  • Billing Department: 800-735-3284

  • Customers with an inforce personal and/or business auto policy as of April 30, 2020 and May 31, 2020 will receive 15% of their monthly premium for April and May applied to their account. Credits automatically will be issued without any action required. Customers should see the credit from their April period applied ot their account by 5/15. If account has been paid in full, a refund check will be issued to customer in late May and early June for the May time period. For Agency Bill customers, any credits or refund checks will be dispersed by the agent.

  • Willing to decrease payroll on WC and GL policies by 25%


  • Billing Department: 800-252-2268 - case by case

  • Suspension of cancellations and nonrenewal of coverage due to nonpayemnt through 6/15/20. No interest, lates or penalties will be incurred during this period.


Billing Relief for U.S. Customers

To ease the financial burden that many individuals and businesses are facing due to COVID-19, Travelers is expanding billing relief for all U.S. customers. Specifically, they will suspend cancellation and nonrenewal of coverage due to nonpayment through May 15, 2020. They will not not charge interest, late fees or penalties during this period, providing policyholders extra time to pay their premiums without risking cancellation.


Travelers Offering Virtual Options for On-Site Inspections

Travelers is expanding their approach to on-site inspections by offering several virtual options, leveraging our suite of digital tools. “We will work with you to choose the one that is most appropriate, based on the type of damage and your individual situation.”


  • Billing dept - 866-632-2003 - policyholders are enocouraged to call if they are experiencing difficulty with premium payments, to discuss options

  • As of 5/1/20, issuance of non-payment cancellations have resumed except in the states where non-payment cancellation is not yet permitted (AK, CA, DE, DC, NC, OR, WV). State Mandated Grace Periods as outlined below. NY and NJ non payment cancellation notices will include communication advising the policyholder to contact USLI if they have experienced financial hardship as a result of COVID-19. If they are contacted and it's determined that policyholder is exempt from cancellation at this time, the policy will be reinstated and further cancellation will be suspended in accordance with state mandated timelines. OH and OK policyholders will be offered state mandated grace periods of 60 days and 45 days respectively to those policyholders that request it. All other states where policyholders need assistance of some form, a grace period, modified payment schedule or bill plan change will be considered

  • NJ - not honoring premium finance company cancellation requests with an eff date prior to 8/1. NC & DC - not honoring any premium finance company request until the state allows such cancellation to take place

  • Will consider changing current payment plans to allow for longer payment schedules

  • Inspections temporarily suspended, will be resumed at a later date. If an inspection has already been ordered, USLI has already communicated with the inspection companies that if they or the insured does not feel comfortable completing it due to coronavirus concerns, it will be documented as such, and they will not cancel for failure to allow the inpsection. They reserve the right to inspect at a later date

  • Direct Bill minimum premium requirements will be waived when requested at time of binding and any of their bill plans will be made available in order to ease any immediate financial burden