Weathering the Hardened Property Market: Why You Need a Insurance Broker

The current property insurance market is characterized by increased pricing, diminished capacity, higher deductibles and retentions, greater underwriting scrutiny, and unfavorable coverage terms, which can create significant challenges for organizations who turn to insurance for...

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Tackling Higher Commercial Risk & Employee Benefits Premiums

Understanding the Issue: Global Turmoil Continues to Drive Premiums Upward In recent years, global events have been anything but predictable, with instability seeming to be one of the few constants we’ve come to expect. And...

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Shoring up Your Bottom Line: 7 Strategies for Facing the Hard Commercial Property Market

Extreme weather events seem to be becoming the new normal. The commercial property insurance market is hard and looks be getting harder – meaning insurance carriers tighten coverages, terms, and limits and raise rates. Business...

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Over or Under Insured, What’s It to You?

It’s happened: your business experienced an event that triggered an insurance claim. With risk being inherent to all business operations, this means that most organizations have to deal with the insurance claims process at one...

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Not Just a Passing Storm: How Natural Disasters Are Impacting the Insurance Market

$268 Billion = Total economic and insured loss estimate for 2022’s natural disasters. Approaching $115 Billion = Recent estimate for insured losses from 2022 natural disasters [1]   Environmental changes are reshaping the world as...

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Worker’s Compensation Guaranteed Cost Alternatives

By Meaghan Tyndale-Williams, Risk Advisor  For most large businesses, workers’ compensation is their most expensive insurance coverage. A guaranteed cost program—which is the traditional route—sets the annual premium at the beginning of each policy year....

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Liquor Liability What to Know Before You Pour

By Robin Manougian, CIRMS, Account Executive  Gatherings especially following many months of COVID-led cancellations and restrictive protocols—are bringing us back together again. Barbecues, holiday parties, and other social events are once again fostering the “community”...

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THE HARD TRUTH When Mother Nature Strikes Your Insurance Carriers’ Bottom Line

2022 is yet another year that has been shaped by the destruction of natural disasters — what were once outlier weather events have become the new norm. To top that off, it’s been another year...

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Are You Prepared for your Insurance Renewal?

It’s time to renew with your insurance carrier. Before making the final commitment, you should consider a number of factors. Unfortunately, in these risky times—pandemics, war, cyberattacks, supply chain issues—organizations must seek out proactive risk...

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Nurse Triage Program is a Big Win for Everyone

By Meaghan Tyndale-Williams, Risk Advisor  Protecting the health and well-being of your employees should be a top priority for every company; however, no business is injury-proof. Organizations of every size have to deal with multiple...

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Workplace Safety & The New Normal

By Eric Wokas, Senior Risk Engineer   According to a recent study from the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly 90% of businesses are having difficulty filling open positions. Reasons vary; however, there are many...

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New Jersey Pre-Tax Commuter Benefit Requirement

By Barry Fields, Partner, Employee Benefits    Effective March 1, 2020, a New Jersey law required employers with 20 or more employees to establish pre-tax transportation fringe benefit programs for their employees. New Jersey was...

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